Mindset for Life toolkit updated for 2020

The toolkit in action during a Mindset for Life peer group

At Think Human we are constantly learning as we run the program with new groups around South Australia and further afield. We are delighted to share the best of this learning with our partners in running the program.

Based on this learning, we aim to update and improve the toolkit each year. In late 2019 we road-tested a set of implementation templates and tools to help organisations and groups run the program smoothly and effectively. We’ve now updated the toolkit to include some of these tools and templates that organisations find most useful. You’ll find them all in the ‘Preparation’ section of the toolkit, downloadable at the bottom of our home page.

Of course we are still more than happy (delighted, in fact!) to offer in-person support to organisations and groups to run the program, but we hope that these new resources will make it easier than ever to get the program up and running smoothly. And we are always happy to have an informal, no-strings-attached chat by phone or email to help you navigate the toolkit & answer any questions you may have.