About the program

What is Mindset for Life?

Mindset for Life is a personal development program for people navigating retirement to reflect on their strengths and skills and positively plan a productive and meaningful future. 

Mindset for Life is designed to be a non-threatening, inclusive program, suitable for people from all walks of life. Participants are encouraged to draw from their own life experiences to create a vision of an appealing and achievable future. Throughout the program we share tools, tips and tactics to help you get this phase of life off to a good start.

Is Mindset for Life for you?

Why Mindset for Life? 

Mindset for Life responds to a gap in current offerings for people around retirement. While retirement planning is available, its focus tends to be on the financial aspects of retirement and fails to address finding purpose and meaning in life post retirement.

In general, existing offerings promote things to do: volunteering, community action, social clubs and formal learning. However, knowing what to do is difficult if you don’t know what you’re looking for or how to apply existing skills and experiences in the context of retirement, many of which may have been built in a formal work setting. 

At the Mindset for Life workshops I discovered it wasn’t just me who was feeling a bit lost and disappointed with the retirement experience. I came away with more understanding of what I needed to do to make my retirement a success.

Stephen Merrett, Volunteer peer convenor

Developing the program

Mindset for Life was developed in South Australia by The Australian Centre for Social Innovation, Think Human and The city of Port Adelaide Enfield in partnership with people in the process of retiring, with additional advisory support from Council of The Ageing SA. Think Human continues to develop the program with a group of peer volunteers, supported by SA Health’s Office for Ageing Well.

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