Mindset for Life is for people who are navigating retirement or have recently retired and are wondering what’s next?


Retirement can be a challenging time to work out who you are and what you want to do with your time.

Mindset for Life is designed to help people increase clarity and reduce uncertainty about their retirement journey.

People reflecting on a lookout

Mindset for Life provides an opportunity to reflect on your journey and work out what retirement looks like for you, while helping others do the same.

The program uses a peer model to help people design a successful retirement and to plan the next phase of their lives.

On completion, participants will have a greater sense of their own skills, abilities and priorities; a renewed vision of their future; and an achievable plan to get them moving in their chosen direction.

Running the program

The program runs over three sessions each lasting about three hours. It is designed to be run by peer convenors – volunteers who have already done the program themselves and want to support others like them to undertake the program as a peer group.

Whilst it works best when hosted by a local agency, the toolkit can also be used by individuals to create their own Mindset for Life group.

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